Rabu, 6 Desember 2017

Coffee: The New Order

10:05 - 10:35 WIB
Andanu Prasetyo

Andanu Prasetyo

Founder | Tuku Coffee

In 2010, Andanu he already founded Toodz House, a house concept restaurant in Cipete, South Jakarta. Toodz House's fame has begun to spread among the urban youth of the capital. In fact, Andanu not much spread advertising or promotion to the mass media. Toodz House is famous thanks to the promotion by word of mouth of its visitors.

Success with Toodz House, Andanu established Tuku Kopi in 2015, still on Jalan Cipete Raya. If Toodz House has a variety of menus ranging from food to drinks, Tuku Kopi is focused on coffee. Tyo's love, as he is usually called, did start with Toodz House. According to Tyo, 90 percent of the coffee sold at Toodz House and Tuku Kopi is local and the rest is imported.Deliberately not selling 100 percent of local coffee, he hopes the diners of his coffee shop can also recognize the taste of coffee from other regions.

The Heart of Sticker Story

10:35 - 11:05 WIB
Diela Maharanie

Diela Maharanie

Instagram Sticker Illustrator

Diela maharanie is an illustrator based in Jakarta. She likes creating a world where everything is bright and colorful but then the irony came up when a figure shows up in her work, despite of the colorful scenery or attributes, the characters remain melancholy in some ways, with illustration she tries to develop her aesthetic sense and a system to express her thoughts or ideas or simply her response to what is going on around her and not forgetting the joy of drawing which has made her lead the path to become an illustrator. Beside illustrating for works, she's also tutoring for workshops and making her own art merchandises.

Discussion Panel
The Rise of Nation's Social Heroes

11:05 - 12:05 WIB
Alfatih Timur

Alfatih Timur

Chief Executive Officer | Kitabisa.com

Alfatih is the CEO and co-founder of KitaBisa.com, the most popular fundraising and donation platform (crowdfunding) in Indonesia. Alfatih set up KitaBisa.com in 2013. Started as an informal social project, KitaBisa transformed into largest crowdfunding platform in Indonesia. Kitabisa facilitates various category of campaigns from medical fundraising, humanitarian issue, disaster relief, religions up to innovation & creative industry. KitaBisa is a team of 50+ people based in Jakarta & Yogyakarta, united in the belief that humans are innately good and the Internet is the perfect medium to connect and amplify kindness.

He was nominated for Social Venture Challenge Asia 2014 held by NUS, and Alfatih won Indonesia Communication & Technology awards (INAICTA). In 2016, Alfatih is one of One of 30 Under 30 List for Social Entrepreneur by Forbes Asia. And the newest awarding, He was named as EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by Ernst and Young Indonesia.

Iman Usman

Iman Usman

Chief Executive Officer | Ruang Guru

Muhamad Iman Usman, is a young figure, entrepreneur, social activist, and actively speaking at various national and international forums.  He is also known as the ASEAN Young Ambassador to Indonesia and founder of Indonesian Future Leaders , a non-profit organization focused on youth empowerment in Indonesia. Currently, he is actively leading the startup company in education and technology, Ruangguru.com.

In 2008, while still in high school, Iman received the 2008 Indonesian Young Leaders Award from the President of RI and United Nations Youth Assembly Recognition on Humanitarian Development 2011 in New York , and Mondialogo Junior Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue by DAIMLER and UNESCO.

In 2009 he and 6 young Indonesians established Indonesia Future Leaders which is a youth organization engaged in the empowerment of youth. In addition, Faith founded the Young Parliament of Indonesia is a parliamentary education container and also political. and many more awards have been achieved by Iman Usman.

He continued his education to FISIP majoring in International Relations at University of Indonesia. He also earned a proud achievement, he received an award in the field of academics and also non-academic, among which he was crowned as a UI Achievement Student in 2012. Then crowned as a National Achievement Student at the National Level in the same year.Furthermore he continued his education at Columbia University Postgraduate and he began actively working as a United States representative at Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Internasional.

Leonika Sari

Leonika Sari

Founder | ReBlood

Graduated from Information Systems major, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Leo started her entrepreneurship journey after her participation in the MITx Global Entrepreneurship Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014. Reblood then joined Start Surabaya, a tech-incubator program initiated by KIBAR, Suara Surabaya, Spazio, and Enciety to empower the up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs in Surabaya. This program has been supported extensively by Tri Rismaharini, the current Mayor.

Start Surabaya helps Reblood in many different aspects, including providing space for work, mentoring sessions by industry experts, as well as opening up doors to partnership with the right parties, such as the Red Cross.

In 2016, Leonika achieved Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016 by Forbes magazine for List of top promising young leaders, daring entrepreneurs and game changers in 10 different sectors from Asia. She was one of 45 outstanding women under 45 years old that struggled to attain fairness and recognition in their respective fields by TEMPO. She was a third position for Global competition by Google Business Group that profiles innovative and impactful business using Google technology.

Shaking The Online Tunes

13:05 - 13:35 WIB
Teza Sumendra

Teza Sumendra

Musician & Celebrity

Teza Sumendra is a Soul RnB singer songwriter. His sensational cover songs earned major hit in Youtube and Soundcloud. His voice is undeniably sexy and soulful, attractive stage act with The Stepbrothers his own band‐mates. Teza Sumendra is one of Indonesian’s Soul and RnB singers who has a unique vocal character.

Teza is also active in musical theater show because he has interest in acting and dancing. For his passion in singing, Teza explores show by show and stage by stage, staring from the small-scale events and festivals to the internasional ones.

In 2015, Teza released his very first single “I Want You Love” from his debut album self-titled. In 2016, Teza just release his second single “Satu Rasa” the only song in bahasa on his debut album. Finally in 2016, he managed to released Expanded Album from his first album. Filled with from previous self-titled album. Collaborate with Dipha Barus, Akira, Jevin Julian and many more.

Who's Smarter Than Machine

13:35 - 14:05 WIB
Jim Geovedi

Jim Geovedi


Jim is a wizard. But most likely you’ll met him in jeans, t-shirt, and a laptop to cast a spell instead of cladded in a long robe wearing pointed hat and holding a wand. Like any other commoner-then-wizard, he was born and raised from a simple beginning in Lampung, Indonesia. He kicked off his career in wizardry disguised as IT industry specified in Information Security, since the late 90s.

As a self-taught wizard, Jim never went to any formal school of witchcraft and wizardry like Hogwarts or Ilvermorny. But he started his quest by joining other wizards and actively involved in some researches, one of which was on Security in Satellite Communication System.

To See The Unseen

14:05 - 14:35 WIB
Joko Anwar

Joko Anwar

Film Director

Joko anwar is an award-winning writer and director who has built an international reputation through the screenings of his work at the prestigious film festivals including the Rotterdam, Sitges, London, Busan, Vancouver and many others. In 2007, Joko Anwar wrote and directed Kala, Indonesia's first tribute to film noir which won rave reviews from critics. Sight & Sound picked the film as one of the year's best and also named Anwar as one of the smartest filmmakers in Asia. The film was screened in numerous film festivals and won a Jury Prize at the New York Asian Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter wrote the film as "a sophisticated noir whodunit in homage to Fritz Lang's "M.""  The film has also been compared to the works of Alex Proyas and Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

In additions to films that Anwar directed himself, he has also written several screenplays for other directors, including a sex comedy Quickie Express which won Best Film of 2008 at the Jakarta International Film Festival and a cat-and-mouse thriller Jakarta Undercover. Both movies are box-office success. He also wrote Fiksi which won several awards in Indonesia including Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Indonesian Film Festival.

His thriller, THE FORBIDDEN DOOR, won Best Film at the Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2009. MODUS ANOMALI, premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2012 and will be internationally distributed in some territories.

Keeping Up With The Millenials

14:35 - 15:05 WIB
Leon Zheyoung & Liestya Magdalena

Leon Zheyoung & Liestya Magdalena

Youtuber | LastDay Production

LastDay Production is an Indonesian-based YouTube channel, established in 2014 created by Leon Zheyoung and Listia Magdalena. Leon and Listia started out as college friends in a university in Jakarta. Neither of them took the 'right' subject in university - but they have huge passion for films. They were separated for 3 years when Leon subsequently moved to Singapore to continue his studies. They were reunited later when Leon had troubles writing a script for one of his short movies. Since then, Listia had been the scriptwriter, while Leon produced. Both of them directed together. They have big ambitions and are keen on creating comedy sketches and short films, that are filled clever remarks and intriguing 'twists'.

What's Next

15:05 - 15:35 WIB
Najwa Shihab

Najwa Shihab


Najwa Shihab is a senior television journalist and a seasoned news anchor in the country that has become a household name in Indonesian television landscape.

Najwa received a number of national and international awards for her works as an anchor and reporter. Notably she was named as The Best TV Personality in Panasonic Gobel Awards in 2016. She was also voted as Indonesia’s Most Favourite Talk Show Host in Panasonic Gobel Awards in 2015. She was named The Influential Woman of the Year by Elle Magazine (2016), Most Progressive Figure by Forbes Magazine (2014), Most Inspiring Women by Indihome Telkom Indonesia (2014) and Young Global Leader by The Worlds Economic Forum (2011). She received Journalist Award from USAID and Jawa Post Institute (2014), National Award for the Journalistic Contribution to Democracy from The Indonesian Association of Journalist (2011) and was a recipient of Australian Alumni Award for Journalism and Media (2010). She was a runner Up/highly commended for The Best Current Affairs Presenter at Asian Television Award (2009 and 2007).

Najwa’s talk show was nominated for various awards and won the TV Program of the Year of Indonesian Choice Award (2016 and 2017), Indonesian Broadcasting Commission’s Best TV Program (2013 and 2014), Rolling Stone’s Editors Choice Award Talk Show of the Year (2014).