Citra Pariwara 2017 Schedule

30 Years of
Creative Evolution

In the last 30 years, the world of creativity has evolved so much that there is no longer exclusivity in creativity. Technology and the wonderful World Wide Web have revolutionized not just the world of advertising (it is too niche) but the whole world itself. Suddenly, everybody has access to information, inspiration, motivation, and co-creation like never before.

In a blink of an eye, everybody becomes their own reporter, chef, photographer, journalist, videographer, R&D, manufacturers; etc. The world of creation does not belong to a certain elite anymore. Access to information, technology, and funding have democratized so much that the “elites” of advertising agencies and marketers have to evolve to catch up, learn new tease to steal people’s attention, change our look and feel to be relevant again and do different stunts to be today’s trending topic.

This is an exciting and liberating new culture.

This year, to commemorate its 30th year, Citra Pariwara invites everyone to celebrate the world of creation. The world where creativity does not belong only to those who hold the access to communication channels or to the largest means of productions. This year, Citra Pariwara wants to parade creativity from many aspects of life and professions.

Citra Pariwara wants to showcase real people who have created amazing stuff out of their imagination, curiosity and bravery. These people are now the ones who inspire us to be relentless in our pursue of meaningful innovation and deep engagement with people. They make us push ourselves to broaden our boundaries and test our comfort zones.

Because at the heart of it, creativity always drills down to idea. Idea that comes from consistent exploration and courageous experimentation with limitless imagination. And many times a simple idea can bloom to be so powerful that it changes human behaviour, the society and even the way of life – just like how the über, the air bnb, and the GO-JEK of the world change today’s life.

This year, Citra Pariwara celebrates the evolution of creativity.




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